Louis forgets lyrics in Wales

It seems that even the biggest stars in music can occasionally mess up and forget the lyrics. The latest victim of the ‘concert blank’ is none other than our very own Louis Tomlinson. The poor guy was at a loss for words in Wales recently when he forgot the lyrics to the Wheatus hit Teenage Dirtbag.

One Direction were belting out the millennium hit at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on 02 March when poor Louis forgot the words. The 21 year old was honest with the crowd though and said “OK, I just forgot the lyrics. I’m not even going to pretend I know them.” His band-mates soon came to his aid though and he was able to carry on with a little prompting. “I’m sorry Cardiff.”

In all honesty, we can’t see what he has to be sorry for. Maybe he was tired from a little http://www.partycasino.com browsing late into the night as he winds down after a show. He’s only human, and we certainly don’t begrudge him the error, especially when he was so honest about it and genuinely sorry for the incident. It makes us wonder: Is it really such a big deal if one of the boys forgets the lyrics to a song that isn’t even one of theirs? Had it been Live While We’re Young, Little Things or even What Makes You Beautiful we still wouldn’t hold it against him.

Even the best performers forget sometimes. In fact, some are even known for it. Anyone who is a fan of Glee star Darren Criss, will know he is well known for forgetting the lyrics to his own songs during gigs. His fans have even turned the tendency into a loving running joke.

Luckily our Louis wasn’t beating himself up over the gaff, and seemed happy after the concert. He tweeted: “What a great gig! Loved that!!!!” later on in the night.

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