New Layout!

After we had our last layout up since last August I decided it was time for us to get a fresh new layout — our new layout is designed by CEYX COLORS and I absolutely love it! The layout features photos from Louis and 1D’s Midnight Memories album shoot, one of my favorite shoots. If you have any problems with the layout please let me know!

Email Address Fixed

Hey guys, news is slow right now as Louis and the boys are on there well deserved break before they start tour this year. I’m so happy they are finally getting some downtime to be with friends and family and just relax. They definitely deserve it! Anyway, I wanted to let you all know our email is now working again! If you did not get a reply from me please re-send your email as I did not get it. Thank you! 🙂

New Layout!

Hey guys! In honor of This Is Us being in theaters I thought I would launch a brand new layout made by Giulia and it is AMAZING! I hope everyone likes it and stay tuned for to have a fresh new look coming soon too. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! Celebrates 1 year online today!


Today is a very exciting day for Louis Tomlinson Web because it marks our anniversary of being online for one year! We are so proud of how far the site has gotten since last year and we’re very grateful for all the support all of the visitors have given us.
To celebrate, we have added 2 new stunning themes from our great friend Kaci! She did an outstanding job with the main site theme, as well as the gallery theme. Make sure to check out for the new theme as well! Keep checking back because we will be adding new content and adding new site content every few days.

Thank you all for a very successful one year and we hope you will continue to celebrate with us for many more to follow. Don’t forget to keep up with us by following us on Twitter @LouisTWeb!

Happy New Year! New Year, New Looks!


Happy new year, everyone! We hope you all have an amazing 2013. With a new year, comes a fresh new start so with that, we have 3 new (well, 2 actually, but 1 never officially announced) themes to celebrate!

The main site theme as well as the icon archive were made by Lexi and the gallery theme was made by Tamara. The gallery theme was added a few months ago, but never officially announced.


The icon archive has 40 new icons added, so make sure to check those out!

Also, some big news with the gallery! The gallery now has as it’s domain! Don’t worry though. If you’re used to visiting it through it’s old domain, that’s no problem. When you visit the old domain, you will be redirected to the new domain!

We hope you enjoy the new themes and the gallery domain!

Thanks for making 2012 a great year, and happy 2013!

Louis Tomlinson Web ~ Grand Opening!

Louis Tomlinson Web, also known as is proud to announce it’s grand opening! We have worked so hard on this site for you all, so we hope you enjoy it! The main site theme is by me, and for the best result, I would recommend using Safari or Google Chrome. The site has many networks to keep you informed with all the latest Louis graphics and news! Our gallery has a large selection of over 6,000 photos of Louis from his concerts, appearances, candids, photoshoots, and more all for your viewing pleasure. The gallery theme was designed by me, and the coding base by Gabe. Our icon archive has gorgeous 100×100 images for you to use on your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LiveJournal, and much more. With help from generous donators, the icon archive continues to grow. The icon archive was designed by Karrie. Our lyrics archive is where you can find all of 1D’s lyrics to all of their songs, organized by albums and singles. Also with the boys’ parts and solos specified. It was designed and coded by myself, too.

Please make sure to follow the site on Twitter @LouisTWeb for fast site updates and all the latest Louis & 1D news!

We hope you enjoy the site and please spread the word to all of your 1D fans and let’s try and get Louis to see the site!