2013 Brit Awards + Candids

This is quite a mega post, but that’s okay! One Direction attended the 2013 Brit Awards last night in London, England, and I’ve uploaded over 140+ images of Louis to our gallery! I have photos of Lou performing One Direction’s latest single, “One Way Or Another.” A huge congrats to One Direction for winning the award, ‘Global Success.’ Photos of Louis accepting award with the band have been uploaded as well.

Appearances & Events > 2013 > [February 20] 2013 Brit Awards in London, England – Red Carpet
162205466.jpg 162205755.jpg 162207199.jpg 162213568.jpg 162206838.jpg

Appearances & Events > 2013 > [February 20] 2013 Brit Awards in London, England – Performance/Show
162210440.jpg 162210621.jpg 162212288.jpg 162212213.jpg 162214107.jpg

SONY also hosted an after party for the awards, and Louis attended with girlfriend Eleanor Calder. I’ve uploaded some images of them leaving the after party.

Candids > 2013 > [February 20] Leaving the 2013 Brit Awards After Party with Eleanor Calder
feb202013-3_281029.jpg feb202013-3_281129.jpg feb202013-3_281229.jpg feb202013-3_28529.jpg feb202013-3_28629.jpg

Lastly, I’ve uploaded candids from when Louis and Eleanor were seen arriving at the Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013 Runway Show February 17th. I’ve uploaded over 40 images!

Candids > 2013 > [February 17] Arriving at the Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013 Runway Show with Eleanor Calder
cfeb172013_281129.jpg cfeb172013_28129.jpg cfeb172013_281829.jpg cfeb172013_282829.jpg cfeb172013_282629.jpg

Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013 Runway Show

Louis was at the Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013 Runway Show in London, England with girlfriend, Eleanor Calder earlier today and I’ve added some photos to the gallery. They looked so cute together! Enjoy the pictures (:

Appearances & Events > 2013 > [February 17] Topshop Unique Autumn/ Winter 2013 Runway Show
161856102.jpg 161856103.jpg 161856109.jpg 161862380.jpg 161862382.jpg

Louis reveals what he loves about Eleanor Calder!

Louis Tomlinson knew he would be out of the country for most of this weekend, so he spent an evening all alone with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder last night.

The One Direction star was accompanied by the stunning brunette to a charity gala on Thursday and the pair joined stars such as James Arthur, Labrinth, Liam Payne and Alexandra Burke at the Warchild event in London.

However, yesterday it was just Eleanor and Lou Lou and the pair were spotted enjoying a romantic evening in the cinema together, by eager fans.

We don’t know what film the couple saw, but we bet it was chick flick Les Miserables, as Eleanor recently admitted that she was desperate to see the musical which stars Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

The couple were later spotted looking all loved up in a fancy London restaurant, enjoying dinner for two before Louis headed to the airport, to catch his flight to Cannes.

One Direction will be performing at the French NRJ Music Awards this evening and after they showcase their latest single ‘Kiss You’ will find out if they have won the trophy for ‘Best International Group.’

Louis recently revealed exactly what it is that he loves about his pretty girlfriend, who is currently studying politics in a Manchester university and it seems he prefers her brains to her beauty.

He said:

“She studies politics at university and when she sits and talks about that, I find it really attractive,”

Lou Lou says they have a near perfect relationship, adding:

“We both trust each other – I spend a lot of time out of the country on tour. She often flies out so I see her a lot. I think the key to a good relationship is being best friends too. I spend more time with her and the band than I do with anyone else. She’s really great.”

Source: UnRealityTV.co.uk