‘Take Me Home’ Album Available Now

One Direction’s new album, ‘Take Me Home‘ is now out!! It actually came out yesterday, but I did not have time to post about it. Anyway, make sure you order or go out and buy the new album to support the boys. Check out a video below of 1D revealing their favorite tracks on the album:

The day that Directioners have been waiting for is finally here! One Direction’s sophomore album Take Me Home is in stores, and fans can finally listen to the album that the fivesome have spent months working on.

Take Me Home is an assortment of pop candy that shows off the group’s growth since coming in third place during the 2010 season of the “X Factor” in the U.K. Each member seems to have an equal amount of solo opportunities, but their voices blend over melodic harmonies and big beats, with each song taking on a unique sound.

MTV News recently caught up with the boy band, who will appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, and each member broke down their favorite track off Take Me Home.


If for some reason you could not watch the video, find out Louis’ favorite song of the album below:

Louis Tomlinson: “Back for You”
“I’m gonna go ‘Back for You’ because we did a lot of writing on that,” Tomlinson said. “And that was fun.”

This up-tempo track mixes in rock with pop as the boys daydream about their girlfriends at home while they are on the road. The lyrics are fun and will definitely be a huge hit with the Directioners as they sing along during the 2013 world tour.

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