Charity Football (Soccer) Game

Louis played at a Charity football (soccer) game earlier today in Doncaster at the Keepmoat Stadium. It looks like Zayn, Niall, Liam, & Eleanor were all there to support them! What great friends. It seems like Louis did great, scoring the winning goal for his team, and winning the game 2-1. Awesome!! Congrats Louis. I’ve added some images below:

Appearances & Events > 2012 >  [October 22] Charity Football (Soccer) Game in Doncaster at the Keepmoat Stadium
oct222012_281829.jpg oct222012_282629.jpg oct222012_282129.jpg oct222012_28829.jpg oct222012_28529.jpg

Louis gave a mini speech at the game as well. You can watch the video below, but it is quite hard to hear what he is saying because everyone is screaming and excited, but you can hear a little bit of it, so if you would like, watch below!

Louis also tweeted:

So so lovely to have the boys there thank you so much@Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles and @NiallOfficial for being there !!!

Louis Tomlinson Recalls Embarrassing Fan Moment With Harry Styles

The ‘One Thing’ singer says he and Harry once embarrassingly confused two tourists for excited fans.

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has recalled an embarrassing moment with two presumed fans earlier this year while holidaying with bandmate Harry Styles.

The ‘Live While We’re Young’ singer says he and Harry were once skiing when they were approached by two fellow holiday goers they assumed were fans of the band and wanted a picture of the pop stars.

“One time Harry and I were skiing together when a girl and a guy came up to us with a camera,” Louis told Seventeen magazine, in the publication’s November issue. “We assumed they were going to ask us for a photo, so we stood there with our arms around each other posing.

“They said, ‘No, we want you to take a photo of us!’ It was embarrassing!”

The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singer went on to name Harry as the bandmate he can “talk to about anything”, while admitting he enjoys having heart-to-heart conversations with Zayn Malik and doing “something crazy” with Liam Payne.


At the Late Late Show in Dublin, Ireland

One Direction was at the Late Late Show in Dublin, Ireland yesterday and I’ve added some pics of Louis to the gallery! You can also watch the video of them below.

Candids > 2012 > At The Late Late Show in Dublin, Ireland
154031486.jpg 154031503.jpg 154031508.jpg 154031518.jpg 154031513.jpg 

BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

One Direction attended the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards earlier today and I’ve added photos of Louis to the gallery! They performed as well at the awards. Enjoy!

Appearances & Events > 2012 > [October 7] BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards – Arrivals
153624091.jpg oct72012_281029.jpg oct72012_281129.jpg oct72012_28529.jpg oct72012_28429.jpg 

Appearances & Events > 2012 > [October 7] BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards – Show/Performance
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